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Play Pokémon Clicker - Catch, train, and evolve Pokémon in this addictive clicker game. Embark on a Pokémon-catching adventure now!

Pokémon Clicker


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Pokémon Clicker Description

Pokémon Clicker is an addictive and incremental clicking game that allows players to embark on a journey to catch Pokémon by clicking and collecting resources. Developed by various fan communities, this game brings the essence of the Pokémon universe into a clicker format. Click your way to catch Pokémon, level them up, and become a Pokémon Master.

Pokémon Clicker

Game Controls

  • Mouse: Click on Pokémon to catch them and interact with various in-game elements.
  • Menu Buttons: Use buttons within the game interface for evolving, leveling up, and managing Pokémon.

How to Play

  1. Click to Catch: Click on Pokémon as they appear on the screen to catch them.
  2. Collect Resources: Gather resources, such as Poké Balls and currency, to enhance your Pokémon-catching abilities.
  3. Evolve and Level Up: Use collected resources to evolve and level up your Pokémon for increased efficiency.
  4. Unlock New Pokémon: As you progress, unlock and catch new Pokémon species.
  5. Complete Achievements: Accomplish in-game achievements for additional rewards and bonuses.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Upgrade Clicking Power: Invest in upgrades that enhance your clicking power to catch Pokémon more efficiently.
  2. Strategic Evolutions: Plan your Pokémon evolutions strategically to maximize their strength.
  3. Manage Resources: Balance your resources wisely between catching new Pokémon and leveling up existing ones.
  4. Explore New Regions: Unlock and explore new regions to discover and catch different Pokémon species.
  5. Prestige System: Consider using the prestige system to reset your progress and gain powerful bonuses for subsequent playthroughs.

Game Developers

Pokémon Clicker is a fan-made game developed by various Pokémon enthusiasts within the gaming community.

Pokémon Clicker

Game Platforms

Pokémon Clicker is typically available as a web-based game, accessible through internet browsers. Players can enjoy the game without the need for additional installations.

How to Play Unblocked

Access Pokémon Clicker through official gaming websites or platforms that host fan-made Pokémon games. Since it is a web-based game, ensure you are using legitimate sources to enjoy a secure and uninterrupted gaming experience.


Pokémon Clicker provides a unique and relaxing way for players to catch and collect Pokémon in an incremental clicking format. Dive into the nostalgia of the Pokémon universe, click to catch ’em all, and experience the joy of evolving and leveling up your virtual Pokémon team.